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Brown Babes Rep Too began as a single Facebook group in April of 2017. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted to do, but we knew that we were tired of spending our money with businesses that didn’t think our children deserved to see themselves in their advertising.


We used the Facebook group only for parents of children of color, and discussed how we could best make our mission successful. We soon decided we needed a sister group, and our second group, Friends of BBRT, was born. Here, we connect brands that align with our mission with our members who they can develop business and personal relationships with, in order to enrich their lives and businesses.


Today, BBRT has a network of MORE THAN 4,000 people and has changed the standard in small business advertising.

We have helped to develop a strong presence in the small shop world, and helped countless shop owners understand the importance of true diversity and inclusion rooted in anti-racism.


We provide a space for our community members that represent various aspects of the non-white experience to make their needs clear and connect them with brands who are committed to the global effort of defeating white supremacy. The BBRT fund helps to economically impact our members so that they are equipped to shatter glass ceilings.

We are proud of the community that we have created and look forward to working with more brands in order to make the small shop community a more inclusive place.